1. Overview
2. What is a Manufactured Home
3.City Zoning Ordinances
  3.1 Helena
  3.2 Billings
  3.3 Great Falls
4. Code Requirements
5. Objectives of Zoning Ordinances
6. Appearance Comparisons
7. Value Considerations
8. Suggested Zoning Language
7. Value Considerations

     The value of any home relates to the quality of construction and the purchase price. It also relates to the long term cost for maintenance and operation and the resale value. From the Arkansas ĄPlanning and Zoning Quarterly‚;

Manufactured homes are constructed with virtually the same materials used in site-built homes. In contrast, however, manufactured homes have the advantage of using engineered design applications and the most cost-effective assembly line techniques to produce a quality home at a much lower cost per square foot.

To ensure quality, the design and construction of the home are monitored by both HUD and its monitoring contractor, the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards (NCSBCS). The familiar red seal, or certification label attached to the exterior of a manufactured home indicates that it has passed the various stages of design review and monitoring.

Much of the concern relating to the value of manufactured homes evolves from the development of manufactured homes as trailer houses. The industry has advanced significantly by incorporating solid wood framing, comparable exterior siding and roofing, and the use of alcoves, roof overhangs, and architectural window treatment.


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