Members are encouraged to apply for funding from the association's Manufactured Housing Image Enhancement Home Show Program. This program was revised by the Board and now qualifying member dealers can receive $2,000 per floor, or up to $6,000 a year, when they conduct a Manufactured Housing Home Show at a local county fair, home show, and/or local exposition. The effort is directly tied to the association's overall Image Enhancement Program for Manufactured Housing. By encouraging home shows the association can put in place a program to encourage more public viewing of today's manufactured homes. 

Dealers wishing to participate must write a letter to the MMH&RV Office applying for the funds to conduct a show. The letter should be submitted to the MMH&RV Office at least 30 days prior to the display date. Further, the letter must be returned with a completed copy of the Reimbursement Checklist. In addition, the letter must contain the show location where the dealer will be participating, along with relevant information about the show dates, times, and places. No funding will be available to members participating in their own dealer exclusive shows. Funding will be determined on a first come, first serve basis and has a set a limited budget for this program. All applications will be reviewed by the MMH&RV Home Show Committee for compliance, and funds will be remitted upon your follow up and confirmation that you have successfully participated in the program.


The following is a checklist of the guidelines which must be met in order to receive reimbursement for participation in the MMH&RVA Image Enhancement Campaign.

___1. A proposal for the home display was submitted to the MMH&RVA office in writing at least 30 days prior to the display date.

____2. I have submitted the name of the manufacturer and model, including a copy of the floor plan, to MMH&RVA (the first retailer to apply for a particular event will have the first choice of manufacturer and model to display).

____3. This home will be displayed at a county fair, home show, and/or other exposition site. Reimbursement will not be made for homes displayed in a manufactured housing park or subdivision. All displays are subject to committee approval.

____4. The manufacturer of the display home and my business are members in good standing of MMH&RVA, for at least one (1) year. The home(s) on display are either manufactured homes or modular homes.

____5. This home I am displaying:

  •Will be 16 feet wide, minimum,
  •Has a shingled roof, residential siding,
  •Has the hitch removed, if visible and accessible to the public,
  •Has porch lights installed,
  •Will be skirted on all sides visible to the public or other perimeter enclosure utilized which is attractive and compatible with the home design; a choice of skirting or lattice design,
  •Has sturdy steps into and out of the home,
  •The main entryway has a deck or platform and steps are even with the home,
  •Will be fully furnished in all rooms excluding guest bedrooms, with an upgrade furniture package, including bedspread/pillows,

____6. I have provided set-up, including all permits and insurance coverage.

____7. This home will be landscaped with the following; if unacceptable to do this, submit an alternative design;

  •A minimum of 3 trees,

____8. Plants or bushes, weather permitting;
  •Flowers, weather permitting
  •Decorative gravel, bark, or colored rock tastefully displaced

If this is unacceptable, please submit an alternative landscaping plan.

____9. Electricity will be provided for the home and all light fixtures are functional with light bulbs installed.

____10. This home will be available to the MMH&RVA Staff and Board to host a reception, if desired, at this event.

____11. I have provided the MMH&RVA Office with adequate exterior and interior pictures showing the home in place with steps, the perimeter enclosure and landscaping. I have also provided an attendance estimate for the event.

Dealer Name:

Please print this form, fill it out and return to: 
PO Box 4396
Helena, MT 59604

Questions? Call: 406-442-2164


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