1. Overview
2. What is a Manufactured Home
3.City Zoning Ordinances
  3.1 Helena
  3.2 Billings
  3.3 Great Falls
4. Code Requirements
5. Objectives of Zoning Ordinances
6. Appearance Comparisons
7. Value Considerations
8. Suggested Zoning Language
4. Code Requirements

     Most cities have adopted the Uniform Building Code (UBC) of the International Conference of Building Code Officials (ICBO). All construction within these cities must satisfy the requirements of the UBC and are inspected for compliance by the local building inspector. 

     Manufactured housing is constructed to HUD requirements which, in turn, are required to meet the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards of the Congress of American Building Officials (CABO).

      Both codes address issues of public health and safety with regard to home construction. The primary difference between the two codes lies in the types of structures they encompass and referenced standards. The CABO code that applies to manufactured housing is limited only to single-family residential homes that are constructed in a factory setting. It includes requirements for building materials and assembly as well as plumbing, heating, and electrical installations.  

     The UBC is a broad range building construction code that includes all anticipated occupancies and, as such, is more voluminous than the CABO code. Plumbing, heating and ventilating are generally regulated under the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) and electrical work is regulated under the National Electric Code (NEC). 

     In local jurisdictions that adopted a building code enforcement program, each home constructed on-site and each modular home assembled on-site are subject to inspection for code compliance by the local Building Official. When a building code enforcement program has not been adopted, local inspection of home construction seldom occurs and is frequently limited to electrical and plumbing inspection. 

     The CABO code requires each manufactured home to be inspected at the factory before it is shipped. Each home must bear a „certification‚ label attesting that it was inspected and found to comply with the requirements of the CABO code. This inspection will occur on all manufactured houses whether they are located in an area that has adopted a building code enforcement program or not. 

     Modular housing is required to follow a similar process in that certification in the form of an „insignia‚ and a data plate that defines the design loads be attached to each home before it is shipped. The State Building Codes Division monitors the enforcement of applicable codes as authorized and described in ARM 8.70.501-577.


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