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Home Option Checklist

     Your new home will come with many standard features and you will have the opportunity to add more optional features when you purchase it. Below, we have outlined some of the most commonly requested options. Consider them carefully and ask your dealer about them.

Energy Savings

____ Extra insulation for ceiling, walls and floors. Ask your dealer if the home's insulation should be increased for your climate.

____ Dual-glazed or double-paned windows.

____ Gas appliances in areas where natural gas is available.

____ Wood stove.

____ Bonneville Power Administration's Super Good Cents energy packages and rebates are available through some manufacturers and utilities. Ask your dealer about them.


____ Optional siding materials and treatments, including dormers, window trim, etc.

____ Extended eaves.

____ Outside water faucets and electrical outlets.

Doors, windows and skylights

____ Many manufacturers offer a variety of door and window styles and sizes. If you are interested in a bay window in the living room, a skylight in the kitchen, or French doors off the dining room, ask your dealer about available options.


____ A larger water heater may be needed for big families.

____ Dishwasher.

____ Built-in microwave oven.

____ Self-cleaning oven.

Wall treatments

____ Tape-and-texture dry wall construction.

____ Easy care vinyl wallpaper or wood paneling.

____ Accent molding.

Carpet and floor treatments

____ Carpet options.

____ Vinyl or hardwood flooring choices in the entry, bathrooms and kitchen.


____ Number of sinks.

____ Fixture options.

____ Shower and tub choices, including garden tubs, combined tub/showers, etc.


____ Solid hardwood cabinets, European style or other selections.

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