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Choosing Your Home
Take your time...
     Manufactured homes offer a great deal of value for the money. When you have decided to buy a manufactured home and begin looking for "just the right' house, you will find many floor plans, amenities and options to select from. It is important to comparison shop and to look at as many houses as possible. Compare the construction and price of different lines of manufactured homes. Decide which floor plans make the most sense for your family and what features will make you comfortable. Also look for a dealer you like and can communicate well with. He or she will help you through the buying process.

Know what fits your budget...

     Manufactured homes come in a variety of price ranges, from single-section houses costing less than $20,000, to triple-section, luxury houses costing more than $60,000. Remember when budgeting that you also will be buying property and paying for site developments. A lender specializing in land packages can give you an idea of the amount of loan you may qualify for so that you know from the start what your price range will be.

Pick a floor plan that suits your family and your land...

     Your choice of floor plan should be based on several things. The first is, of course, the needs of your family. Do you require three or four bedrooms? Do you want a big kitchen? Is a separate family room important? You also should consider how the home will be situated on your site and how it will relate to the other buildings in your neighborhood.

Determine which features you want in a home...

     A manufactured house comes with a long list of features which are "standard" and are included in its retail price. Your dealer will provide you with a specification sheet which lists the standard items, from the amount of insulation in the house to the thickness of the carpet pad! Go through this list carefully. Check for features that will make the home comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

     In addition, ask about optional features such as skylights, which you can add to the house. See page 10 for a list of some of the most commonly requested options.

Ask about warranties...

     Your new house will come with several warranties offered by the manufacturer, your dealer, and by the makers of the appliances and finished goods that come with the house. Take time to understand them and don't forget to fill out and mail in all Warranty Registration Cards.

Determine who handles the site inspection and home set up...

     Even though you will probably be working with a licensed general contractor to develop your land, ask your dealer to look at the property. This will allow him or her to plan ahead for the placement of your house. The transportation of your home to the property and its placement on the property is generally handled by your dealer. Ask whether this service is included in the total cost of the home.

Don't overlook the finishing touches...

     Gutters for your house will probably be required by your lender and skirting is required by state law. Both may or may not be included in the home's total price. These necessities, as well as such amenities as a deck or garage, can be financed as part of the land package and be built by your contractor.

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