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MMH&RV Association Membership Application Form

The undersigned hereby applies to the Board of Directors for membership in the MMH&RV Association, a voluntary corporation of dealers, manufacturers and suppliers engaged in the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industry.

It is understood and agreed that in being accepted as a dues paying member of the MMH&RV Association, this company and its management will abide by such rules and regulations which are established for the orderly and business-like operation of the association, and the following MMH&RVA Code of Ethics:

Section 1

Members of the MMH&RVA shall endeavor to maintain the following Code of Ethics:

(a) I shall try to conduct myself and my business in such a way that no discredit will come to either MMH&RVA or the industry because of me.

(b) I shall operate my business at the highest level possible of integrity and sound management practices.

(c) I shall promote the Manufactured Housing and the Recreational Vehicle Industry to the general public as well as State, County and Local Public Officials.

(d) I shall treat customers in a manner which brings credit and prestige to the MMH&RVA.


FIRM NAME___________________________________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________


STATE ZIP CODE______________________________________________________________

PHONE & FAX # _______________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________________________

WEBSITE ADDRESS___________________________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________________________________

Please check the appropriate square(s) that
applies to your business(es).

[  ]    Manufactured Housing Dealer* $150
  [ ] Additional Lot Listing $ 50

* Dealers with multiple locations can pay an additional $50 in dues for each lot they wish to be listed on the association membership roll. These additional sites will receive all association information and be listed on the association website, but will not be considered voting members.


[  ]   

Exclusive RV Dealer

[  ]   

  * In addition to the annual dues of $150, an additional $75 per floor section of a manufactured (HUD Code) home sold and $150 for each modular (UBC) home sold/shipped to a Montana dealer is required as a condition of membership. Funds derived shall be used by the MMH&RV Association for the advancement of the industry.

[  ]   

Other Qualified Members

$ 75

  Any lending institution, transporter, insurance company, after market supplier or other company involved with the manufacturing housing or RV industry, other than a dealer or manufacturer who wishes full participation in the association, i.e., voting rights, ability to serve on board of directors, committees. This category is NOT open to RV or Manufactured Housing Dealers  

[  ]   

Associate Member
$ 75
  For those companies that fall into the above categories, but who do not care to have a vote on any board or committee. This category is NOT open to RV or Manufactured Housing Dealers or Manufacturers.  

Enclosed is my check, payable to:

MMH&RV Association
PO Box 4396
Helena, Montana 59604
(406) 442-2164


"Contributions or gifts to MMH&RVA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. MMH&RVA estimates that in any year we estimate the nondeductible portion of your dues  - the portion which is allowable to lobbying - is 15%."


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