1. Overview
2. What is a Manufactured Home
3.City Zoning Ordinances
  3.1 Helena
  3.2 Billings
  3.3 Great Falls
4. Code Requirements
5. Objectives of Zoning Ordinances
6. Appearance Comparisons
7. Value Considerations
8. Suggested Zoning Language
6. Comparisons

     Appearance issues are elusive and subjective. Frequently, the „appearance‚ of a home is determined by external influences such as landscaping, sidewalks and decks. It is common to see site-built homes constructed with identical dimensions and floor plans, differing only in color or orientation.  

      When compared side-by side, a distinction between types may be difficult to make.

The appearance of a manufactured home can be influenced by the detail surrounding the home itself. Note the influence that landscaping has on the overall appearance of this manufactured home.

Modular homes are very difficult to distinguish from manufactured homes. This modular home could easily be mistaken for either a site-built home or a manufactured home.

Site-built homes, in an effort to achieve comparable economy, are generally very conservative. This example of a site-built home could be mistaken for a manufactured home.


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